The Star of Glenwood Springs

If Glenwood Springs’ history were a place, it would be Hotel Maxwell Anderson (formerly The Hotel Denver). Our walls tell the stories of the many travelers who’ve visited our hotel over the past 100 years, reveling in its unexpected touches, old-world hospitality, and unrivaled mountain views.

Make new traditions in a Glenwood Springs hotel that’s full of them. If you’re looking for a stay where the past meets the future, you’ve come to the right place.

Historic Glenwood Springs Hotel Made Modern

There’s more to explore in Glenwood Springs than you can see in a day. Yet wandering The Hotel Maxwell Anderson is an adventure of its own. If our walls could talk, they’d tell stories

of the railroad, immigrant struggles, prohibition, WWII, and the good old days—all wrapped in a modern Glenwood Springs experience.

Rich History, Brand-New Rooms, and Dramatic New Lobby

The Hotel Maxwell Anderson (formerly The Hotel Denver) is a new chapter in our Glenwood Springs hotel’s rich history. Experience the same hospitality our first guests did 100 years ago, blended with modern rooms and suites with a century of stories to tell.

Every room has been completely renovated and updated with modern bathrooms, plush new bedding, and modern amenities, balanced by the charm of the exposed brick and antique accents of our 100-year-old hotel. We’ve also added several new suites, ensuring your stay is as stylish as it is comfortable.

Prepare to be dazzled as you walk into our brand-new, larger lobby, which is filled with rich new lounge chairs and couches and a crackling fire.

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