All Aboard for Summer in Glenwood Springs

Planes, trains, and automobiles are the big three when it comes to cross-country, and even inter-and intra-state, travel. Though trains were, once upon a time, the premiere (and, often, only) transportation method, automobiles quickly took their place once enough roads crisscrossed the United States. Yet even in Colorado, trains left their mark.

Built-in 1867, Colorado’s first track was just 8.9-miles long, connecting northeast Colorado to Nebraska. Mining and enterprising state residents brought even more railways to Colorado–many of which are still in use today, including a track that winds right through Glenwood Springs.

Step into Colorado’s railway history this summer with a scenic voyage across the state. All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer!

Summer Rides on the Rocky Mountaineer

Riding the Rocky Mountaineer isn’t just about letting someone else take the wheel–although there is something special about actually looking at the canyon rather than driving through it. The Rocky Mountaineer blends the nostalgia of train travel with the breath-taking scenery of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Their one-way Rockies to the Red Rocks journey traverses from Denver to Moab and back, with a stop right across the street from our hotel. Aboard the train, you’ll get the full Glenwood Springs experience, plus experience the hospitality and views you can only get while on two rails.

Hospitality with a Side of Scenery

train all aboard
Peer out over rushing rivers and rugged canyons on the leg from Denver to Glenwood Springs, before the mountains give way to high plains and the red rocks of Moab. Along the way, dig into mouth watering meals made from local ingredients; if you choose GoldLeaf Service, you’ll dine in the lower level of their luxurious, bi-level, glass-domed coaches, while SilverLeaf passengers can dig in from the comfort of their own seats.

But you won’t just get to look at countless beautiful places; you’ll also learn about them. Hosts make the journey alongside you, chiming in with interesting anecdotes and helpful history so you can actually get to know the landscape you’re traveling through.

One-Night Stay in Glenwood Springs

Though the Rocky Mountaineer only offers multi-day itineraries, you won’t find any beds in their long line of cars. The Rocky Mountaineer trades closed in cars for glass-dome coaches so you’ll never miss a second of the views.

Rather than sleeping on the train, you’ll disembark at a stop along the way to stay at local hotels like Hotel Maxwell Anderson. While you’ll love your experience on the rails, there’s just as much to love on your stop in Glenwood Springs.

Make the Most of Your Transfer

Glenwood Springs is more than a place to rest your head. While you can simply indulge in some shut eye, there are also countless Colorado mountain experiences right outside our front door. Hotel Maxwell Anderson makes it easy to make the most of your stay, whether that’s stopping for a bite and brew at the in-house Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, relaxing in nearby hot springs, or embarking on a quick mountain adventure.

Soak in a Hot Spring

Hot springs and Glenwood Springs are all but synonymous, which is why this is one of the best ways to spend your transfer. At Hotel Maxwell Anderson, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is right down the street  and Glenwood Hot Springs is a short walk across the Colorado River, so you’ll be able to find a soak in seconds.

At Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, the giant pool is filled with hot water, as is the smaller, warmer therapy pool.  With Hotel Maxwell Anderson’s Hot Springs Pool packageguests at our hotel get two single-day passes included with their stay. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the newest hot spring in town, but they showcase hot springs as nature intended with sixteen-mineral rich pools situated  along the Colorado river. Hotel Maxwell Anderson guests can receive information about a 10% discount on Iron Mountain Hot Springs reservations.

Head to a Mountaintop Theme Park

Glenwood Springs may already be at almost 6,000 feet, but you can get even higher at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. As the only mountaintop theme park in the United States, Glenwood Caverns offers a unique, adrenaline-inducing experience that starts with a scenic gondola ride to the park itself.

Once you’ve arrived, you can journey through caves, hop on thrilling rides like the Alpine Coaster or Giant Canyon Swing, or simply enjoy lunch with uninterrupted views of the Rockies. You can save 10% on your adventure when you buy your tickets online using our discount code.

Shop on Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is Glenwood Springs’ most popular shopping destination, and it’s just steps from Hotel Maxwell Anderson. Walk out our front door and into Glenwood Springs’ quaint and historic downtown. Soak up the summer sun as you hop between the many boutiques in town, whether you’re in search of a souvenir or simply an item you forgot.

Though you can shop until you drop, we recommend just shopping until you’re ready for a cold drink or a bite to eat at a local restaurant or brewery, like Glenwood Canyon Brewpub or Slope & Hatch.

Don’t Miss Summer in Glenwood Springs

Whether you take a train or hit the road, Glenwood Springs is a must-visit in the summer. Under our big blue skies, you can soak in a hot spring, take a gondola up the mountaintops, pedal down the canyon, or simply relax in a quiet, historic room with a great book and an even better beer.


Need more summer inspiration? We’ve got it. But don’t be afraid to make the summer a little extra special with a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer. After all, summer won’t last forever.