Planes, trains, and automobiles are the big three when it comes to cross-country, and even inter-and intra-state, travel. Though trains were, once upon a time, the premiere (and, often, only) transportation method, automobiles quickly took their place once enough roads crisscrossed the United States. Yet even in Colorado, trains left their mark.

Built-in 1867, Colorado’s first track was just 8.9-miles long, connecting northeast Colorado to Nebraska. Mining and enterprising state residents brought even more railways to Colorado–many of which are still in use today, including a track that winds right through Glenwood Springs.

Step into Colorado’s railway history this summer with a scenic voyage across the state. All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer!

Summer Rides on the Rocky Mountaineer

Riding the Rocky Mountaineer isn’t just about letting someone else take the wheel–although there is something special about actually looking at the canyon rather than driving through it. The Rocky Mountaineer blends the nostalgia of train travel with the breath-taking scenery of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Their one-way Rockies to the Red Rocks journey traverses from Denver to Moab and back, with a stop right across the street from our hotel. Aboard the train, you’ll get the full Glenwood Springs experience, plus experience the hospitality and views you can only get while on two rails.

Hospitality with a Side of Scenery

train all aboard
Peer out over rushing rivers and rugged canyons on the leg from Denver to Glenwood Springs, before the mountains give way to high plains and the red rocks of Moab. Along the way, dig into mouth watering meals made from local ingredients; if you choose GoldLeaf Service, you’ll dine in the lower level of their luxurious, bi-level, glass-domed coaches, while SilverLeaf passengers can dig in from the comfort of their own seats.

But you won’t just get to look at countless beautiful places; you’ll also learn about them. Hosts make the journey alongside you, chiming in with interesting anecdotes and helpful history so you can actually get to know the landscape you’re traveling through.

One-Night Stay in Glenwood Springs

Though the Rocky Mountaineer only offers multi-day itineraries, you won’t find any beds in their long line of cars. The Rocky Mountaineer trades closed in cars for glass-dome coaches so you’ll never miss a second of the views.

Rather than sleeping on the train, you’ll disembark at a stop along the way to stay at local hotels like Hotel Maxwell Anderson. While you’ll love your experience on the rails, there’s just as much to love on your stop in Glenwood Springs.

Make the Most of Your Transfer

Glenwood Springs is more than a place to rest your head. While you can simply indulge in some shut eye, there are also countless Colorado mountain experiences right outside our front door. Hotel Maxwell Anderson makes it easy to make the most of your stay, whether that’s stopping for a bite and brew at the in-house Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, relaxing in nearby hot springs, or embarking on a quick mountain adventure.

Soak in a Hot Spring

Hot springs and Glenwood Springs are all but synonymous, which is why this is one of the best ways to spend your transfer. At Hotel Maxwell Anderson, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is right down the street  and Glenwood Hot Springs is a short walk across the Colorado River, so you’ll be able to find a soak in seconds.

At Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, the giant pool is filled with hot water, as is the smaller, warmer therapy pool.  With Hotel Maxwell Anderson’s Hot Springs Pool packageguests at our hotel get two single-day passes included with their stay. Iron Mountain Hot Springs is the newest hot spring in town, but they showcase hot springs as nature intended with sixteen-mineral rich pools situated  along the Colorado river. Hotel Maxwell Anderson guests can receive information about a 10% discount on Iron Mountain Hot Springs reservations.

Head to a Mountaintop Theme Park

Glenwood Springs may already be at almost 6,000 feet, but you can get even higher at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. As the only mountaintop theme park in the United States, Glenwood Caverns offers a unique, adrenaline-inducing experience that starts with a scenic gondola ride to the park itself.

Once you’ve arrived, you can journey through caves, hop on thrilling rides like the Alpine Coaster or Giant Canyon Swing, or simply enjoy lunch with uninterrupted views of the Rockies. You can save 10% on your adventure when you buy your tickets online using our discount code.

Shop on Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is Glenwood Springs’ most popular shopping destination, and it’s just steps from Hotel Maxwell Anderson. Walk out our front door and into Glenwood Springs’ quaint and historic downtown. Soak up the summer sun as you hop between the many boutiques in town, whether you’re in search of a souvenir or simply an item you forgot.

Though you can shop until you drop, we recommend just shopping until you’re ready for a cold drink or a bite to eat at a local restaurant or brewery, like Glenwood Canyon Brewpub or Slope & Hatch.

Don’t Miss Summer in Glenwood Springs

Whether you take a train or hit the road, Glenwood Springs is a must-visit in the summer. Under our big blue skies, you can soak in a hot spring, take a gondola up the mountaintops, pedal down the canyon, or simply relax in a quiet, historic room with a great book and an even better beer.


Need more summer inspiration? We’ve got it. But don’t be afraid to make the summer a little extra special with a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer. After all, summer won’t last forever.

Glenwood Springs is a town of right around 10,000, nestled at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers just a few hours west of Colorado’s Front Range. But for such a small town, there’s no shortage of things to do! Here’s just a taste of what Glenwood Springs has to offer for your next weekend trip.

Scenic Hikes to Get You Moving

No trip to the mountains of Western Colorado would be complete without a hike up into the fresh air, forests, and sweeping vistas of the local peaks.

1. Hanging Lake Trail

One of the most famous hiking trails in the state, the Hanging Lake Trail climbs 1.2 miles of steep terrain to the hidden gem of western Colorado — Hanging Lake and Bridal Veil Falls. Access to the lake is restricted in order to preserve this delicate environment, so make your reservations ahead of time.

2. Red Mountain

Located just to the west of the town of Glenwood Springs, Red Mountain looms 1800 feet above our little city. A mix of dirt trails and switchbacked dirt roads leads seven miles round trip to the top of the mountain, offering views of the town, the majestic Mount Sopris to the south, and the Elk Range in the direction of Aspen. You might even see paragliders taking off!

3. Boy Scout Trail

A multi-use trail that starts at the top of Eighth Street, just a stone’s throw from the shops of downtown, this single-track trail climbs the ridges to the east of the city through juniper and scrub oak until you reach the high meadows above. If you follow the trail east to Artist’s Point, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of Glenwood Canyon.

4. Glenwood Canyon Overlook Trail

About 20 miles east of Glenwood Springs, at the other end of the canyon, is the exit for Dotsero. From there, this trail climbs 3.2 miles to a dead end at the top of a ridge that overlooks Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River.

5. Thomas Lakes

For a more challenging excursion, you can drive about an hour southeast of town to the base of the “Monarch of the Valley,” Mount Sopris itself. From there, you’ll climb toward the peak, through aspen groves and lodgepole pines, to the beautiful waters of Thomas Lakes. The hike is about eight miles round-trip.

Biking for All Skill Levels

Glenwood Springs was one of only 23 Colorado communities to be named “bicycle-friendly” by the League of American Bicyclists, and our network of paved and dirt trails certainly do justice to that title.

6. Rio Grande Trail

If you prefer to stay on the paved trails, the Rio Grande Trail follows the path of the old railroad track from Glenwood Springs all the way up to Aspen, through Carbondale and Basalt along the way. The whole trail is 42 miles long, but you can ride as little or as much as you want!

7. Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail

For a short but scenic outing, the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail follows the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon for 16 miles to the east. You’ll be surrounded by birds, gentle breezes, the slowly flowing river, and of course the towering red cliffs of the canyon itself.

8. Boy Scout Trail

Yep, this is the same Boy Scout Trail we mentioned before! You can ride all the way from Glenwood Springs, up the Roaring Fork Valley to Cardiff, then up a series of dirt roads and doubletrack trails, then descend the Boy Scout trail to the heart of Glenwood Springs. It’s a challenging 20-mile loop, but the views are well worth it.

World-Class Fly Fishing

We’re not exaggerating. Of the 9,000 miles of river in Colorado, only about 300 of it is considered Gold Medal Water — and the biggest piece of Gold Medal river is right here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a rank beginner, there’s an outfitter in the valley who can help you find the equipment you need. For more on fishing options, permits, and outfitters, click here!

Soothing Hot Springs

There’s a reason our town got its name. Some of the most famous natural hot springs in the whole state are right here, just a short walk from downtown.

9. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

The world-famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is the largest naturally-heated pool in the world, at nearly 30,000 square feet in size! This pool offers fun for the whole family, from therapeutic massage chairs in the smaller hot pool to the brand-new Sopris Splash Zone, featuring a river ride and waterfalls.

10. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

For a more low-key hot springs experience, head just a mile west to Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Instead of one big pool, this facility offers 16 different pools, each at its own temperature and about the size of a large hot tub. It’s the perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Eating and Drinking

All of this adventuring is going to leave you with quite an appetite! Luckily, Glenwood Springs has dining options for any occasion and preference. There’s the Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, with its hearty pub fare and locally-brewed beers, right on the ground floor of the Hotel Maxwell Anderson. Along Seventh Street is a row of eateries known as Restaurant Row, featuring the Pullman, Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse, Riviera Supper Club and Piano Bar, and Colorado Ranch House. And Glenwood Springs boasts dozens of others, from pizza to coffee shops and from burgers to doughnuts.

Hotel Maxwell Anderson — Your Glenwood Springs Hub

At the center of all this excitement is Hotel Maxwell Anderson, nestled snugly in the heart of downtown Glenwood Springs. Our hotel offers views of the river and surrounding area, and we’re located within walking distance of all the amenities that Glenwood Springs has to offer. So the next time you’re looking for a mountain getaway, get in touch! We’re the perfect home base for all your Western Slope adventures.

Looking for a couple’s getaway, a romantic vacation for just the two of you this year? You don’t have to book an extravagant vacation to Paris to have the time of your lives — not when Glenwood Springs is just a few hours west of the Front Range, right here in Colorado!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just need a couple’s getaway, this idyllic mountain town is just what you need to keep the spark in your relationship going. So what is there to keep you busy? We’ve got some ideas.

Get the Blood Pumping With a Hike

We all know that Colorado weather can be unpredictable, especially in the shoulder seasons, so you’ll have to seize the sunny days when you find them. Luckily, Glenwood Springs has a lot of them — over 300 a year! — so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you and your special someone are adventurous types, there are dozens of miles of hiking trails in the immediate Glenwood Springs area to get your muscles loosened up and your hearts pumping on a couple’s getaway:

1. Hanging Lake — probably the most famous hike in Western Colorado, Hanging Lake is a gorgeous (but steep) 3-mile hike up the side of Glenwood Canyon to the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls, which freeze into a shimmering white curtain in the winter.
You’ll have to book your pass ahead of time, since travel is restricted in order to preserve the delicate ecosystem. But if you get the chance, this hike offers views you won’t soon forget.

2. Red Mountain — looming just to the west of town, Red Mountain offers an excellent moderate hike up switchbacked dirt roads. At the top, 1800 feet above Glenwood Springs, you’ll have spectacular views of the city, Glenwood Canyon, and the “monarch of the valley,” Mt. Sopris, to the south.

3. Doc Holliday’s Grave — though no one knows exactly where his body lies, the famous gunslinger is believed to be somewhere in Linwood Cemetery in Glenwood Springs! The trail is less than a mile in each direction, starting at the corner of 12th Street and Bennett Avenue, which is only about half a mile from Hotel Maxwell Anderson’s front steps.

4. Bike Trails — if you had something a little more low-key in mind, you can take the Glenwood Canyon Recreation trail up to 14 miles east along the Colorado River. Or try walking or biking on the Rio Grande Trail, which extends 42 miles all the way up the valley to Aspen!

Grab a Bite to Eat

All this romping around in Colorado’s outdoors will doubtless leave you with an appetite — fortunately for you, Glenwood Springs has no shortage of places to eat on a couple’s getaway. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual lunch or an intimate dinner, a quick cup of coffee or a slice of pizza, you can find what you’re looking for just a stone’s throw from downtown.

5. Glenwood Canyon Brewpub — if you’re staying in the Hotel Maxwell Anderson, it doesn’t get any easier than this. The Brewpub is located right on the ground floor of the hotel! For lunch, try hearty pub fare like the soup flight sampler or jalapeno cheddar elk sausage mac and cheese, along with a selection of artisan burgers. And of course, the Brewpub has more than half a dozen beers on tap, brewed right here in the building!

6. River Blend Coffee House — for a quick pick-me-up in the mornings, River Blend is on the first floor of the Hotel Maxwell Anderson and offers coffee, tea, breakfast burritos, croissants, and locally baked treats from Sunshine & Moons in Glenwood Springs and Louis Swiss Pastry in Aspen.

7. Seventh Street’s Restaurant Row — for a modern American twist on a romantic dinner for two, step across the street to the Pullman, which pairs simple yet imaginative food with good wine, comfortable surroundings, and an unpretentious atmosphere.

8. Also on Seventh Street: Juicy Lucy’s, featuring mouthwatering steak, seafood specials, and a panoramic rooftop setting; The Riviera Supper Club and Piano Bar; and the Colorado Ranch House — all great dinner options right in Hotel Maxwell Anderson’s neighborhood.

Relax and Unwind in the Hot Springs

No visit to Glenwood Springs would be complete without a visit to the famous hot springs, and there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy them on your couple’s getaway.

9. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool — the most famous of Glenwood Springs’ famous heated pools, this 30,000-square-foot swimming hole is the largest naturally heated pool in the world. Water at one end is a steamy 104 degrees, perfect for relaxing your legs after the hike you went on earlier.

10. Iron Mountain Hot Springs — to get away from the crowds a bit, try Glenwood Springs’ newest hot springs installment. Across town next to the Hotel Glenwood Springs, Iron Mountain offers 16 individual pools, each at its own temperature, so you can choose the bathing experience that’s right for you.

11. Yampah Vapor Caves — for a truly unique spa experience, try the Yampah caves just across the river from the Hotel Maxwell Anderson. Mineral-infused water flows through limestone channels in the floor of the caves at a simmering 125 degrees, heating the surrounding air to 110 degrees and melting your stress away in the soothing steam.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a weekend away from the stress of daily life, Glenwood Springs has exactly what you need to relax, refuel, and refresh!

The Hot Springs of Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs has been a magnet for hot springs enthusiasts for a very long time; as far back as when only Native Americans inhabited the land. These days, visitors have two wonderful hot springs to experience while here. They are quite different form each other and chances are one or the other will become your favorite in time! Both hot springs operate year around but do close on occasion for cleaning and maintenance. So, be sure to check with us for those infrequent times.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

When available, we are happy to offer our Hot Springs Pool Package as an option to enhance your stay that provides a $10 discount off your nightly rate. Each package comes with one pair of adult pool passes to use on one calendar day of your choice for the season they are purchased for. If you need any additional passes for adults or children, our friendly front desk agents have them readily available to pick up at your leisure. We always have them available at a discounted rate and also offer complimentary, big, fluffy beach towels in a handy tote bag for you to borrow during your time soaking in the pools.

The Hot Springs Pool is located very close to us and downtown, which is a one-half mile walk, door to door. The walk is about 7-10 minutes over the pedestrian bridge or a quick drive over the new motor bridge to one of their dedicated parking areas.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Pool

Take advantage of our Iron Mountain Hot Springs deal when you book your room and save 10% off the entry fee. Iron Mountain is the “newest” hot springs experience, recently added to Colorado’s repertoire of natural soaking experiences. Our Front Desk has tickets to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, available at a discounted rate. Big fluffy towels are available to borrow with the handy tote bag complimentary for your soaking fun.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Pool is located 1.1 miles from our location. If you’re up for it, enjoy the 20-minute walk through downtown and along both rivers that run through our lovely town. Stroll through Two Rivers Park, then along Centennial Drive until you reach Iron Mountain.

If you are not up for the walk for any number of reasons, it is a quick 5-7 minute drive depending on traffic at that time. Our town has a great local taxi service too! We can call to arrange transport for you if by chance you arrived on Amtrak or another method leaving you without a car. On average Valley Taxi is able to pick you up within 10-15 minutes from the time of request.

Iron Mountain provides relaxing atmosphere geared toward adult clientele. Offering 16 natural, mineral, hot springs soaking pools and a freshwater family pool with a jetted spa. All pools are tiered and located right along the Colorado River.


Iron Mountain has the same hours year round, opening at 9:00am daily and closing at 10:00pm daily. This hot springs is a sister attraction to The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and is located just on the other side of the interstate and Colorado River from the base of the Adventure Park Gondolas.

Do you want to get out of the city and see Fall foliage colors this season? An excellent destination to do this is Glenwood Springs, Colorado on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. Each Fall, after the Summer tourists have left, the mountains quiet down and explode with color to see! Usually the peak of color is the 3rd and 4th weeks of September. The US Forest Service has a hotline for Fall Colors: 1-800-354-4595, press #2 for the Colorado updates. Here is how to get the most out of three day Fall foliage getaway:

Your first decision if you take the train will be whether to rent a car or rent bikes to see more colors. If you choose bikes, the bike path through the Glenwood Canyon provides the perfect fall color backdrop. Additionally, you can go over to the Adventure Park and ride the tram up to the top for some of the best fall views in the world. Spend an evening or two in the two hot springs pools found here to top off your visit.

If you do elect to drive to Glenwood Springs, or rent a car once you get off the train, here are three must-do sightseeing tours for fall colors:

When you make reservations, or are at our front desk, our staff which is comprised of local people passionate about the area can fill you in with up-to-the-minute Fall color info. Be assured that the Fall foliage will not disappoint even if you do not hit the peak week! We can even package your stay with a hot springs pool visit this Fall!

Some of the best hotel rooms in Glenwood Springs our the most popular rooms and we have named them, “Colorado Rooms.” They have grand vistas of The Colorado River as it wends it’s way through our town up here, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The also have a nice view of the train station where trains pass through and Amtrak stops in each direction of it’s California Zephyr route. In fact, we are a popular place to hop off the train whether you are coming from San Francisco, headed eastbound or if you are headed west from Chicago. Travelers spend a night or two with us before getting back on their train ride.

All of these rooms have early 1900 original brick that is exposed. You’ll also find hard wood floors and a lot of personalization in each room like comfy quilts and antiques. All have one queen-sized bed and a comfortable seating area too.

Guests in our Colorado Rooms also enjoy high-speed wireless internet connection,  a coffee maker, ironing board with iron and a hairdryer. Down in our lobby you will find the RiverBlend Coffee House,  Mona Lisa women’s fashions. A must-do is also the Glenwood Canyon Brew Pub that serves lunch and dinner as well as award winning craft brewed beer. We are also just steps away from many more restaurants and shops as well as the world famous hot springs pool.

From as close as Denver to as far away as San Francisco to the West and Chicago to the East, as well as all points in between; The Hotel Maxwell Anderson in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is a comfortable and relaxing Amtrak ride away! Why not start your vacation sooner? Right when you get on the train instead of fighting the traffic! Take the Amtrak train to Glenwood Springs! It is scenic and fun.

For people who live in Denver and the surrounding Front Range, taking the train to Glenwood Springs just might change the way you feel about close to home vacations. If you are traveling on the California Zephyr either westbound or eastbound, we are an easy “hop off and hop on” option a few steps from the train station!

Breaking News : Small dogs are now allowed on Amtrak trains and we are pet friendly. So, bring Fido with you when you come!

When you arrive here you really wont need a car! You can walk to all of downtown, including The Hot Springs Pool. Bike rentals are readily available and a regional bus system can whisk you up to Aspen and Snowmass for events or day trips. You’ll save money on gas, contribute to a green environment, be more relaxed thanks to not fighting traffic all day and to top it off, you get to enjoy the scenery instead of the tail lights in front of you!

Amtrak usually takes about 5 hours to travel on the train for Denver and costs as little as $44 each way. The train leaves Denver just after 8 AM and begins its journey in the Rocky Mountains via one stop in Fraser and Granby. The return is equally convenient with an Eastbound departure for Denver in the early afternoon. If you hop off and on via a longer journey you get to spend a full day in Glenwood Springs with plenty of time to enjoy the attractions here.

Need help creating a package or planning the perfect train vacation? Contact us for more info!

Glenwood Springs is a wonderful town to enjoy any time of year. Currently the town is undergoing a 30 month construction project upgrading the main bridge (hwy 82) over the Colorado River into downtown. It is an important connection between downtown Glenwood Springs, the historic Glenwood Hot Springs District & interstate 70. It will be wonderful when it is completed. Those in the know are estimating a May 2018 completion date. In the meantime the construction crews are doing a great job staying on target and keeping the traffic flowing.

We have some great information for all of you who love our amazing town and may be worried how it could affect your stay… Luckily the powers-that-be had a great course of action planned and it is in motion and functioning smoothly. During the month of February they worked on putting up the old pedestrian walkway that is attached to the main traffic bridge. Some of you may remember it from the past. It’s time for a deja vu! The temporary walkway began offering pedestrian traffic on March 1st 2016.

A date to keep in mind in the coming month is for March 30th . The pedestrian bridge we have been using for some time now will be completely removed and they will begin construction of the new pedestrian bridge that is even more user friendly and will feature an elevator as well!

When choosing The Hotel Maxwell Anderson for your Glenwood Springs getaway over the course of this exciting project, rest assured, it shouldn’t impact your stay. In fact you will still be able to park in our private parking and walk to the majority of the attractions you choose to enjoy just like always. For those of you who prefer to drive to the Hot Springs Pool to park and walk from there we want you to know that their traditional main large parking lot is now being used for this project as the bridge is anchored in the main Hot Springs Parking lot. They do still have ample parking and easy access to the Hot Springs via a couple of new parking lots they have acquired. Their new largest main lot which is located on 6th Street at the old “Big Horn Toyota Dealer” and just past a long time restaurant here in town you may have visited, Tequila’s. At the large new parking lot they are offering a shuttle service to bring to the main entrance of the Hot Springs Pool to ensure everyone still has access and is well taken care of.

Give us a call with any questions or concerns you might have and we will be happy to help you plan a fantastic stay here in Glenwood Springs.