Downtown Glenwood Springs Has a lot to Offer!

We love being downtown. Downtown Glenwood Springs is a vibrant gateway to all of the things to do in downtown Glenwood Springs just steps from our hotel!

Here are some of our favorite things to do in downtown Glenwood Springs.

  • The Colorado River – The fifth longest river in the country runs right through our town. The Colorado River begins 93 miles north of us and delivers life-sustaining water to 6 additional states and two states in Mexico. The magnificent Glenwood Canyon is etched from the river’s flow. From Glenwood Canyon, the river spills into downtown Glenwood Springs. Raft, fish, bike or simply view the amazing Colorado River.
  • Museum – Tucked in a quiet neighborhood downtown is The Frontier Historical Museum, featuring artifacts and photographs capturing the history of Garfield County. This museum is a true gem. In October, go on a ghost walk tour of the old cemetery, but be prepared to run into the ghost of its own Doc Holliday.
  • Train station and museum – Until automobiles arrived, trains were the lifeblood of our community. Our beautiful train station was completed in 1904, and is a highlight of downtown’s skyline. The train station continues to bring passengers daily from Denver, Grand Junction, and places beyond. Enjoy the artifacts and rich history preserved at this special place.
  • A real Community – Glenwood has a downtown where you can still walk to the grade school, the bank, the newspaper office and courthouse. Investigate the blocks off of Grand Avenue, and you will find these delightful home-town icons.
  • Vaudeville – This is great entertainment for all ages. Local talent will make you laugh out loud.
  • Retail – Stroll through the shops along Grand and Cooper Avenues between 8th and 11th Streets. This is Glenwood’s core shopping district and where you’ll find a wide variety of independently owned boutiques, many occupying some of the town’s most historic structures. Shopping in downtown Glenwood Springs you’ll find books stores, clothing boutiques, outdoor and gear suppliers, an old-time pharmacy, a shoe store and the largest quilting shop in western Colorado. Check out Mona Lisa women’s clothing store which was voted the locals favorite, for good reason It’s fun, funky and fabulous. The store is overflowing with clothing and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Restaurant Row – Seventh Street is hotbed of restaurant activity. Choose from eight popular restaurants right outside our front door, featuring a wide variety of food and outdoor dining choices. Our favorites are Glenwood Canyon Brewpub, where you can enjoy award-winning brews along with great food, and Riverfront Coffee House, which is the best way to start you day in Glenwood Springs.

Watch this video to learn  “Downtown Tips and Tricks

What is your favorite thing about downtown Glenwood Springs?