Escape from the Ordinary!

People, today, seek out special experiences; a hand-made quilt, craft-brewed beer, local sustainable cuisine. The list goes on and on and includes unique places to stay on a vacation or getaway. As we all tire of the cookie-cutter style of the late 20th century, many seek out the “out of the ordinary.”

Here at The Hotel Maxwell Anderson, we have embraced this trend in a grand way. We take pride in having a historic hotel that we have renovated into “comfort lodging.” Choosing a room to stay in here is half the fun of visiting! The rooms at our Glenwood Springs hotel are far from the ordinary.

Perhaps, the most unique accommodation at our hotel is The Cupola. Situated on two levels of the third and fourth floors of the hotel, The Cupola offers wood floors throughout, a roof top hot tub, kitchen, exceptionally comfortable living room and views to the north, east and west. The Cupola has over 1,000 square feet of living space and sleeps up to four people!

Unfortunately, the Cupola is no longer a secret. So, you need to plan in advance to reserve this suite. Like all our rooms, you will find cozy quilts, quirky antique furnishings and Wifi. This suite also happens to have three televisions! It is the perfect accommodations for a small family and the most special hotel room in Glenwood Springs for a romantic interlude.