Fall Foliage Viewing Time

It’s not easy to predict when the height of fall foliage will occur each year around Glenwood Springs. But given the amount of precipitation we have had, this year could be spectacular for Colorado leaves changing! All it takes is a couple of good cold nights and the magic begins to happen.

At the higher altitudes this means the display can begin soon after Labor Day. The valleys will take a little longer to get into gear. But most years, the action is fully underway towards the end of the month of September.

Want to ensure you get the best viewing? Give us a call or drop us an email asking how the colors are coming along. If you can be a little flexible with your planning, you can dash up here for a night or two getaway and see the entire show! If you are coming up from Denver, you will, of course, drive over the Continental Divide where the Aspen leaf colors will happen earlier than if you are coming over from Grand Junction.

We think the most special fall color treat is when the aspens are going off in the valley along with the willow and maple “bushes” along the creek beds. It is an explosion of reds and yellows not to be missed.

You will like Fall here too, because it is quieter than the Summer and the days are warm while the nights are chilly. That’s when a good ale from the Brew Pub and some of their great soups or stews highlight a great day of activities, like hiking, biking, kayaking or golfing in our valley. This leaves you just one more decision… which one of our unique rooms will you choose for this visit?