February Snow Snow Snow

Well, it arrived early this morning and is expected to continue through the next couple of days. Snow that is. Lovely white stuff in the city, on the roads and most importantly, in the mountains. I think I heard howls of joyous laughter echoing down the valley as I crept down the snow packed highway on my way to work. I wasn’t sure if the joyous laughter was coming from the people heading to the slopes to enjoy the new powder, or if it was from the employees at the ski resort that were reveling in the cold white gold. Either way, it is a beautiful thing for a Saturday in February in Colorado.

So if I was thinking of activities to partake in during this stormy time, my first inclination of course would be to hit the slopes on my K2’s and enjoy the mid 20-30 degree weather for a change. I say mid 20-30’s because I don’t think it has been above 15 degrees for days before this storm hit. I would also be inclined to traipse through the forest with my snowshoes, exploring the white world and enjoying the views of the world in our mountains. Not to mention the great workout I would get. Ice fishing came and went as an idea as quickly as a thought to go window shopping in a hailstorm. I am sure ice fishing is nice for some people, but not for me. It is quite the sport I have heard, to sit in the open air or better yet, in some sort of an enclosure, drill a big hole in the ice, drop some bait and a hook and wait. All the while, fending off the cold and hoping that the ice won’t implode on the drilled hole like a flan in a cupboard. I think I’ll pass on ice fishing this season.

So much to do now that the snow storm is passing through. So make your plans and get out of the house. It’ll be time to mow the lawn again before you know it.