Five Cool Things about Boutique Hotels (Especially Ours)

Our Glenwood Springs Boutique hotel is for travelers who seek rich experiences.

  • Wandering The Hotel Maxwell Anderson will give you a crash course in Glenwood Springs history – not just of the hotel, but of the community. If the walls could talk, they would tell stories of immigrant struggles, prohibition, two world wars, a shooting or two, and of the good times as well.

Our Boutique hotel is for guests who want to feel part of a unique place.

  • When the train brought visitors, businessmen and miners to the young town, the Hotel Maxwell Anderson provided much-needed lodging. It picked up the pieces when prohibition caused bars on the riverfront to close. The Hotel provided jobs when hard economic times came, and provided lodging to loved-ones of healing WWII servicemen. It continues to anchor the vital Seventh Street hub of activity.

Our Boutique hotel is not always old or old-fashioned.

  • Even though we are one hundred, we are not old-fashioned; just full of surprises.

Our Boutique hotel offers a unique restaurant experiences.

  • No chains here: The Hotel Maxwell Anderson’s Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company brews craft beer that continues to impress world-class judges, as well as locals and visitors.

Boutique hotels are frequently owned locally.

  • For seventy-two out of 100 years, the Hotel Maxwell Anderson has been owned by local families. During the early years, the Boscos and Kendricks built the hotel from a hodgepodge of stores and bars to the downtown icon it is today. We have spent the past quarter century have reversing the trend of look-alike hotels with look-alike rooms, and have embraced the hotel’s own authentic past.