Going Green at The Hotel Maxwell Anderson

At The Historic Hotel Maxwell Anderson in downtown Glenwood Springs we are re-committing ourselves to becoming much more environmentally aware. We are giving our guests an option to participate in a “Going Green in Glenwood Springs program. It works like this: When a guest checks in they are given the option to decline daily housekeeping service. If they do choose to decline daily housekeeping, they are given a gift certificate payable to the Glenwood Springs Brewpub in the amount of $5.00 for each day they don’t take housekeeping. During their stay, if they need additional supplies or amenities, we of course will provide them, they simply won’t receive full daily housekeeping services.

Our intention with this program is multifaceted. We want to lower our water use, limit the chemicals being used and disposed of, diminish the wear and tear of the linens so they have a longer life, lessen the amount of energy being used and offer the opportunity to our guests to feel that they are contributing to the environmental welfare of Glenwood Springs and our precious resources and fragile environment.

We are very excited about this program and feel that it will be a great success. We feel that the more all of us can do to reduce, reuse and recycle, the better and we have the opportunity to make a great change in Glenwood Springs.

Scott D. Olpin “Operations Manager” The Hotel Maxwell Anderson