Grand Avenue Bridge Project and The Hotel Maxwell Anderson

Glenwood Springs is a wonderful town to enjoy any time of year. Currently the town is undergoing a 30 month construction project upgrading the main bridge (hwy 82) over the Colorado River into downtown. It is an important connection between downtown Glenwood Springs, the historic Glenwood Hot Springs District & interstate 70. It will be wonderful when it is completed. Those in the know are estimating a May 2018 completion date. In the meantime the construction crews are doing a great job staying on target and keeping the traffic flowing.

We have some great information for all of you who love our amazing town and may be worried how it could affect your stay… Luckily the powers-that-be had a great course of action planned and it is in motion and functioning smoothly. During the month of February they worked on putting up the old pedestrian walkway that is attached to the main traffic bridge. Some of you may remember it from the past. It’s time for a deja vu! The temporary walkway began offering pedestrian traffic on March 1st 2016.

A date to keep in mind in the coming month is for March 30th . The pedestrian bridge we have been using for some time now will be completely removed and they will begin construction of the new pedestrian bridge that is even more user friendly and will feature an elevator as well!

When choosing The Hotel Maxwell Anderson for your Glenwood Springs getaway over the course of this exciting project, rest assured, it shouldn’t impact your stay. In fact you will still be able to park in our private parking and walk to the majority of the attractions you choose to enjoy just like always. For those of you who prefer to drive to the Hot Springs Pool to park and walk from there we want you to know that their traditional main large parking lot is now being used for this project as the bridge is anchored in the main Hot Springs Parking lot. They do still have ample parking and easy access to the Hot Springs via a couple of new parking lots they have acquired. Their new largest main lot which is located on 6th Street at the old “Big Horn Toyota Dealer” and just past a long time restaurant here in town you may have visited, Tequila’s. At the large new parking lot they are offering a shuttle service to bring to the main entrance of the Hot Springs Pool to ensure everyone still has access and is well taken care of.

Give us a call with any questions or concerns you might have and we will be happy to help you plan a fantastic stay here in Glenwood Springs.