Lets Go to Colorado’s Favorite Hot Springs!

After all, it’s in our towns’ name! Glenwood Springs has been a place with a phenomenal hot springs presence for… who knows how long? We do know the Ute Indians were exceptionally fond of the area. Back then the springs were known as Yampah Hot Springs. Yampah in the Ute language meant, “Big Medicine.”

By 1888, the natural hot springs found here got “civilized” when a pool was created. It soon became world renowned as the “spa of the rockies,” attracting the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, movie stars and aristocrats from all around the world.

Today, it is an iconic destination in the Rocky Mountain west. It’s also a very convenient stop on a Eastbound or Westbound road trip, as Interstate 80 bisects the town. Understanding that many of you are coming our way to experience this wonder of the world, we have created a Hot Springs Pool Package, we call “A Room with a Brew.” It includes lodging in our historic hotel and two pool passes, plus a $20 gift card for food and beverages at our Brew Pub!

You can come by train or car. The Amtrak stop is close bye and the pool itself is a very short walk over the bridge adjacent to our hotel. Boutique shopping and a variety of restaurants are too!