Our Historic Lobby Clock

You will find pieces of history at nearly every turn around The Hotel Maxwell Anderson. In an era of modern cookie-cutter style hotels, we think our attention towards creating a historical experience is part of our unique contribution to the culture of our town!

There is a majestic Grandfather Clock in the lobby of our hotel. The clock was transported to Aspen, Colorado in a stage coach over Independence Pass around 1880 by a jeweler named, E.L. Peyser. It was owned by several different people over the years and was purchased in 1906 for only $35.00 by A.W. Kendrick, the original builder of the Star Hotel, now known as the Hotel Maxwell Anderson. The clock has resided in the Hotel Maxwell Anderson since the 1930’s. Guests stop in to admire the Grandfather Clock daily.

This, along with the 1880’s baby grand piano, also found in the lobby area, are just a few of the treasures you can discover when visiting the historic Hotel Maxwell Anderson on Colorado’s Western slope. It’s hard to imagine these antiques being hauled by mule-train, riverboat and other means of early freight transportation!