Top 10 List of Fun Things To Do in Glenwood Springs

In this edition of Tips and Tricks  we will be talking to you about the Top 10 Most Fun Things To Do in America’s most fun town.

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool was once cherished as Yampah by the Ute Indians meaning big medicine. You are able to rejuvenate in the world’s largest hot spring mineral pool, or soothe your spirit at one of our award winning spas in the area.

The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has offered historic Fairy Cave Tours since 1892 to the early vacationers of Glenwood Springs. The Caverns display the most decorated formations and he largest excavated area in all of Colorado. In addition the park offers Adventure Rides for all types of thrill seekers.

Hanging Lake Trail is designated as one of Colorado’s most beautiful hikes. Hanging Lake sits at the top of a mile and a half trail following a lush creek through the majestic Glenwood Canyon. A little locals tip though… Be sure to get misted at Spouting Rock during this hike!

The Glenwood Canyon

The first trains forged the Glenwood Canyon in 1886. Today you can catch the train and in the heart of downtown, all the while taking in the best vies that over a century of passengers have enjoyed. Another great way to enjoy would be to spend an afternoon capturing the views from the 16 miles of paved bike and walking trails, peddling you way next to the Colorado River as it winds through this magic place.

Restaurant Row

In the heart of Glenwood, dine on Restaurant Row. Downtown 7th Street hosts restaurants catering to all taste buds. From grand burgers to creative gourmet entrees. 7th Street is anchored by our own Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company. Winner of many prestigious national and international awards.

Gold Metal Fishing

Fisherman will keep it simple for you. 42 miles of continuous gold metal waters casted peacefully along the Roaring Fork River or your able to take a short drive to the Frying Pan River in Basalt Colorado, just remember to fish early and fish often!

Music of the Night

Glenwood comes alive in the summer with live music. Sing along with the comedy of the Glenwood Vaudeville Review or pack a light sweater for an evening under the stars at Music on the Mountain or the popular Summer Music Series. Glow in the dark wrist bands are a great way to help keep track of your kids during these fun times.

Colorado River Whitewater

Ride the legendary Colorado River on your terms. Whether you are punching through a wave on a whitewater raft with your friends, a tranquil glide on a paddle boat or tick the surf in a kayak at the white water park. But just remember the “Bull” is the best seat in the boat when rafting the Glenwood Canyon

Shopping and Markets

Shop your way through the boutique stores in the historic downtown. Find plenty of gadgets and doohickeys at the sporting goods stores catering to life in the Rocky Mountains. On Tuesday nights we have a wonderful downtown market providing fabulous local art and produce, or you can take a short trip to Aspen for even more variety.

Glenwood Popular History

Get ready to grasp the not so tall tales of Glenwood’s famous history as you discover stories during your stay. American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt & William Taft frequented our fun little town. Visit the resting place of America’s most infamous gun slinger, Doc Holiday. You never know the next famous guest just may be you!

Now that you’ve learned about some of the top things Glenwood Springs has to offer we look forward to getting that phone call from you to help you plan your next stay with us here at the Hotel Maxwell Anderson.