Take the Train!

Imagine a vacation that does not revolve around the automobile. No driving stress. No gas pain. No parking problems. Instead, you climb aboard Amtrak and get to relax while viewing some of the most incredible scenery this continent has to offer! Along the way, there will be tunnels, mountain vistas, a chance wildlife view and other moments to share. A Glenwood Springs train vacation could be just what you are searching for!

Getting here is half the fun! But when you arrive, you will be happy to note we are just across the street from the train station! Many people worry that not having a car will hinder their fun. On the contrary! It will be a freeing experience. The giant hot springs pool is a very short stroll over a bridge that crosses the Colorado River. That’s good because parking is very limited there! Our own Brew Pub is in the hotel, serving up good food and award winning beers.

Glenwood Springs is like a lot of old western towns. There is a main street and ours is thriving with a wonderful variety of non-chain boutiques and original eateries. The best part is it is only a block away from the hotel! In fact, whatever you are looking for, chances are, you will find it on our Grand Ave. Want to go for a bike ride in the canyon? Our front desk can help you arrange bike rentals, a day of rafting or just about any kind of activity you can dream up.

What you can’t get to by walking, you can get to using our public transportation; Ride Glenwood provides convenient in-town service and RFTA connects our town with the communities of Aspen, Basalt and Carbondale. If you feel you must have a car once you are here, you can choose from several rental car companies. The point is, you don’t have to drive to Glenwood Springs to enjoy a vacation here. Taking the train will not limit what you can do when you arrive. We would love to hear your story about riding the train!