The Hot Springs of Glenwood Springs

The Hot Springs of Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs has been a magnet for hot springs enthusiasts for a very long time; as far back as when only Native Americans inhabited the land. These days, visitors have two wonderful hot springs to experience while here. They are quite different form each other and chances are one or the other will become your favorite in time! Both hot springs operate year around but do close on occasion for cleaning and maintenance. So, be sure to check with us for those infrequent times.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

When available, we are happy to offer our Hot Springs Pool Package as an option to enhance your stay that provides a $10 discount off your nightly rate. Each package comes with one pair of adult pool passes to use on one calendar day of your choice for the season they are purchased for. If you need any additional passes for adults or children, our friendly front desk agents have them readily available to pick up at your leisure. We always have them available at a discounted rate and also offer complimentary, big, fluffy beach towels in a handy tote bag for you to borrow during your time soaking in the pools.

The Hot Springs Pool is located very close to us and downtown, which is a one-half mile walk, door to door. The walk is about 7-10 minutes over the pedestrian bridge or a quick drive over the new motor bridge to one of their dedicated parking areas.

  • This is the world’s largest hot springs pool, offering over a century of history
  • Offers something for the entire family to come and enjoy
  • Soak and relax while sitting at the base of the Roaring Fork valley surrounded by mountains on all sides and big open sky to enjoy day or night. Locals find it one of the best places for star gazing!
  • Full service men’s and women’s locker rooms and a family locker room to serve the needs of everyone
  • The grounds offer grassy areas to lay your towel out and enjoy the sun. It has large trees for shaded areas and lounge chairs too. On site, find a luxury spa, premier athletic club, boutique, and sports shop. The Grill is open for breakfast & lunch daily and the poolside walk up window is open in the warm months. The pool also allows you to bring your own items in as long as they can check to ensure you aren’t bringing in any glass or alcohol.
  • In the summer, you can rent cabanas if you want your own private area to enjoy the day while not soaking in the pools. The water slides and the kiddie pool are also open during the summer.
  • Two pools to enjoy – the larger of the two pools is regulated close to your body temperature, getting a little cooler the closer you are to the deep end, west side of the pool. It offers a diving board and swimming lanes. This pool is open year round and it is large enough to always be able to find your own area to soak, relax and take in the fresh mountain air.
  • The smaller of the two pools is heated to a hot tub temperature ranging from 102 – 107 depending on which end you are relaxing in. Closer to the east end/Glenwood Canyon side you will enjoy temps closer to 107 degrees. The warmer pool offers jetted massage chairs to assist in turning you into Jell-O!
  • You might also consider creating an epic road trip to visit some of the best hot springs in Colorado starting in Glenwood Springs. This loop will spark your imagination and soak your bones!

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Pool

Take advantage of our Iron Mountain Hot Springs deal when you book your room and save 10% off the entry fee. Iron Mountain is the “newest” hot springs experience, recently added to Colorado’s repertoire of natural soaking experiences. Our Front Desk has tickets to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, available at a discounted rate. Big fluffy towels are available to borrow with the handy tote bag complimentary for your soaking fun.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Pool is located 1.1 miles from our location. If you’re up for it, enjoy the 20-minute walk through downtown and along both rivers that run through our lovely town. Stroll through Two Rivers Park, then along Centennial Drive until you reach Iron Mountain.

If you are not up for the walk for any number of reasons, it is a quick 5-7 minute drive depending on traffic at that time. Our town has a great local taxi service too! We can call to arrange transport for you if by chance you arrived on Amtrak or another method leaving you without a car. On average Valley Taxi is able to pick you up within 10-15 minutes from the time of request.

Iron Mountain provides relaxing atmosphere geared toward adult clientele. Offering 16 natural, mineral, hot springs soaking pools and a freshwater family pool with a jetted spa. All pools are tiered and located right along the Colorado River.


  • Full service locker room
  • Retail Shop in the lobby
  • Sandbar offers soft drinks, beer, wine and premixed drinks
  • The Sopris Café offers a variety of food and drinks for everyone

Iron Mountain has the same hours year round, opening at 9:00am daily and closing at 10:00pm daily. This hot springs is a sister attraction to The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and is located just on the other side of the interstate and Colorado River from the base of the Adventure Park Gondolas.