What a Party it Was!

The Hotel Maxwell Anderson recently celebrated its 100th Anniversary in style. The Open House party included guest rooms, all banquet rooms and secret passages. Guests were also allowed to tour the Laundry Room, which was transformed that night into an authentic 1920’s speak-easy. Here are some of the guest comments we received!

“What a beautiful celebration. I love your hotel…and the historic rooms are truly extraordinary. What a lovely party and celebration of our community icon!”

“What a beautiful event! You really did it up in style! I was so impressed with the red carpet and staff that you had playing their parts, bars on every hall way, slide shows, old photos, musicians. WOW!”

“What a great party to celebrate the 100th year of the Hotel. Starting with the old cars out front and the darling kewpie lipped young girl at the front door it was just a treat the whole evening”.

“The 100th Special Edition Beer was delicious. Hope that stays around!”

“The rooms were incredible! We had no idea what the rooms were like that.”

“The music was awesome. Loved the Jazz Trio, the Sax player downstairs and the DJ was playing music from what seemed like the 20’s and 30’s and we had a great time cutting the rug.”

“The card game was a fun idea and led us all over the place to see different parts of the hotel.”

“Such generous prizes to benefit charities!”

“Everyone got into the costume thing which is something for Glenwood!”

“Without a doubt the best, most fun party we’ve been to in old Glenwood Springs. You guys really put into creating the evening and we just want you to know how much we appreciate the good time!”

Fun was had by all. The next 100 years will be even better! Thanks to everyone who participated!